A customer has had a few power outages that out lasted the UPS. The server
comes back up and, due to remirroring, is not able to get everything started
in a timely manner. Allowing the remirror to complete, and then doing a
normal shutdown and restart has, in the past, corrected all the minor
issues..... Until now.

I rely heavily upon NetWare Remote Manager. I use the dynamic console
screens frequently. On this server, after the last power outage, I can get
into the remote manager, and do everything from viewing memory statistics to
walking the DS tree. If, however, I attempt to view the dynamic console
screens (NWScreen_Applet), I get prompted for another username and password.

The box is titled: "Authentication Required". Below that it says "Enter the
login detail to access <tree-name> on /nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn: (where the n's are
the IP address of the server). The footer of the box says "Authentication
scheme: Integrated Windows".

All attempts to enter valid usernames and passwords fail, and the box pops
right back up.

The server is a fully patched NetWare 6.0 server. It is doing file and
print services and nothing else. I have run PKIDiag - no errors. I have
performed an Unattended Full DSRepair - no errors. Everything else is
running perfectly, other than my ability to get into these screens.

Can anyone tell me what, exactly, is broken and needs to be repaired?


Anthony Campbell