Once OES2 is out I plan to make the license purchase, but what I was
wondering is am I licensed to install a prior version? At first I'm only
looking at the NetWare product, so if I buy OES2 (which includes NW65SP7 if
I understand), can I instead install NW65SP6 + patches?

If I evaluate NW65SP6 (which I can download now), will there be much of a
functionality diff between it and when the NetWare flavor in OES2 comes out?
Note that in my eval to date I've had to use CIFS in order to avoid the 2nd
Windows workstation login, and I notice they changed the way OES2 handles
Windows domains.

For the OES2 release date, the last post in this forum I see is back on July
23rd and gives September as the expected release date. Is this still on as
far as everyone knows?