We are running SBCON on a Netware 6.5 SP5 (server A) server to backup
other Netware 6.5 SP5 (server B) servers on the network. All of the
server are at the same physical site. We recently replace an old switch
and since then the backups have not run. The SBCON screen shows the
following message:

SMDR error

The SMS Activity Log screen shows the following message:

SMDR Error
Error: (SMDR-7.54.4) An internal error has occured. Could not write an
object to NDS or write to a stream.

It also at the time the backup fails it appears that the NIC card stops
communicating (on server B). Monitor utilization is at 25% and does not
change. Unloading the NIC card and reloading it seems to solve this.

We have updated the software to the following:
QMAN 6.50.06
SBCON 6.50.06
SMDR 6.54.04
SMSDI 5.03.01
TSAFS 6.51.04
TSANS 10551.71
NWTAPE 2.01.03

LSIMPTNW 4.01.07
Q57 9.72
NWPA 3.21

It appears to be a problem with the NIC on the server that we are trying
to backup. Could it be that the backup is trying to send the data too
fast? Thoughts?