I am unable to mount my SYS volume or activate the SYS Pool it was located
in. I say "was" because, when I load the server using SERVER -NA -NS -NL,
and I get to a point where I can load nssmu, the screen for my SYS Pool
shows no SYS volume contained therein. The Pool is deactivated and I
cannot activate it. Or delete it.

However, when I run nss/ poolverify=sys, I get no errors, and I can see
both the SYS Pool, and by using F7, view statistics for the SYS volume.

I am trying to use a down server upgrade to bring this server back, as I
have a data volume on the same physical disks (RAID1) (This was NOT MY
idea) and my backup (of course) failed over the holiday weekend. I think
it will work if I can get SYS cleaned up or deleted somehow.

Any one able to help?