I am so confused. We're having lots of problems with our printers
installing properly. Can someone explain the relationship of iPrint Client
Management (in iManager) and Zenworks policies? Does one override the
other? I read a previous post here, where someone said you could not apply
iCM to workstations. However, we apparently are able to apply iCM policies
to workstation groups.

My preference is to use Zenworks. But it has not been working, so we began
looking at iCM. Printers began installing when we changed the "Ignore iCM
settings on parent containers" box as well as the "Do not update
workstations" box. But it's not consistent. We install printers based on
the workstation, not the user.

We run NW 6.5 SP6, Zen 7, Windows XP. Your assistance is much appreciated.