Hi all,

I'm trying to restore a multiplex backup and it keeps failing with an
E1058 error here is a bit of the log.
Anyone else have a problem like this?

I'm running Arcserve 11.5 SP3 for Linux, using an HP Ultrium 920 Drive. OES
SP2 is the OS.

I had the same problem before install SP3 for Arcserve, but the error
message then was E1016


[09/06/2007-10:24:51 ,3,551,0,0,-1,11,18,0,0]CABAB_I_30: Restore job
"" status has changed to Active on 09/06/07 at 10:24:51; jobid=551
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,225,11,18,0,0]Start Restore operation
(pid 25138)
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,594,11,18,0,0]Try to optimize restore
for the session 2 on media FULLAUG022007 ID 7710
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,597,11,18,0,0]The session is on Tape
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,600,11,18,0,0]No duplicated session is
on DISK media
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,596,11,18,0,0]Restore the session from
the original media
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,622,11,18,0,0]To search media
FULLAUG022007 sequence 1 id 7710 flag 7
[09/06/2007-10:24:52 ,1,551,0,0,111,11,18,0,0]Position media
FULLAUG022007 to session 2
[09/06/2007-10:24:54 ,1,551,0,0,129,523,18,0,0]E1058 Failed to read
from media
[09/06/2007-10:24:55 ,1,551,0,0,581,11,18,0,0]Retry smart restore
[09/06/2007-10:24:55 ,1,551,0,0,585,11,18,0,0]Failed on smart restore,
no duplicated session is available
[09/06/2007-10:24:55 ,1,551,0,0,43,11,18,0,0]Restore operation Failed
[09/06/2007-10:24:55 ,3,551,0,0,-1,523,18,0,0]CABAB_E_32: Restore job
"" status has changed to Failed on 09/06/07 at 10:24:55; jobid=551