Sorry, The old servers fro Network "A" will be shut down when the
Network "B" is up and running.

Andy Konecny wrote:
> In article <>, Charles Redfearn wrote:

>>Network "A" 4 servers; PHN-GPS-01, PHN-GPS-02, PHN-IMAX, & PHN-ENX.

>>Network "B" 3 servers; PHN-GPS-01, PHN-IMAX, & PHN-ENX.

> Same names? Hopefully not at the same time, but from your message

> like you already have the new system built. That's a recipe for

> right there even if they are different versions.
> If you need/want to keep the same server names, the preferred method

> be to use either the Migration Wizard or the Server Consolidation

> for the remote offices to connect to the NetWare 4.11 systems, the

> through you ISP must be carrying IPX or someone has had the 'fun' of

> configuring NetWare/IP. Knowing which is in use will help on the

> forward.
> Are you changing the lines from the remote sites or are they staying

> same?
>>So my questions are:
>>How do I get the N6 servers to advertise their existence?

> Either via IPX SAPs in which you will have a problem because of

> with the old servers, or via SLP which does not automatically flow

> routers (either tell the routers the right helper addressing or

> a SLPDA and tell the workstations about it)
>>Do I have to set up SLP?

> Very likely
>>Do I need to set up VPNs?

> Depends, are those ISP links shared or already private?
> IPX doesn't tend to work via most VPN's. So far I've only seen IPX

> over BorderManager's VPNs
>>Would getting my servers put into the DNS record of my ISP do the

> No, not that there isn't any value, but I wouldn't jump on that

> really thinking the security implications of that.
>>What else am I forgetting?

> Probably tonnes but that is hard to catch in this context. You

> probably really benefit from at least a day's worth of consulting

> with someone such as myself who has done these migrations before to

> you on the right track. Check your local Novell office for a good > integrator near you. If you were closer I'd have my hand up, but

> border guards just don't like letting us 'foreigners' come work in

> country ;)
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