I was thinking along the lines of something like DynDNS.org, or
TZO.com... but I didn't want them managing my domain entirely. I've setup DDNS within an office before, but being able to include services

from pcs outside would REALLY be great...

Any idea how I might go about throwing the concept at the folks on
Developer Net?

Andy Konecny wrote:
> In article <3vfsa.8203$jU.7538@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>, Ryan

> wrote:
>>Is there any way to provide Dynamic DNS support to a workstation

>>ISN'T serviced by the associated DHCP server?

> Not typically by design
> but I have seen that done insecurely with some CGI scripting to BIND

> running on BSD
> With some programming I'm sure it could be done but it is certainly

> outside the current norm and best practices.
> If someone comes up with the right bits to do this securely with
> NetWare's DNS, please share.
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