Thanks Andy. I had Earthlink add a new CName and A record for and point it to one of my public IPs. Now I
need to add some rules for BM to let the right port traffic through
and get
my fileserver to recognize the address (hosts file I think) so the
manager can see it. Thanks again.


"Andy Konecny" <> wrote in message
> > Any simple 1,2,3... advice out there?

> Na, that would be too simple
> I'll try and give it a try for you
> In article <mFUra.6734$>, Greg O> wrote:
> > DNS Server Domain Name of, our
> > public domain name. Should I use a different name? Will this

cause a
> > conflict with the WWW registered domain name?
> >

> Since servers(love the host names that the power of
> NSLookup revealed) are authoritative, you really should have a

> name as there is now way someone on the outside is going to resolve

> records you create internally. If your ISP servers don't know about

>, then as far as the internet is concerned it

> not exist.
> While you could bring your DNS fully in house, it would probably be> better to leave the primary domain where it is, then either setup

> internal zone something like with your ISP

> having the glue records in place

> and/or having your ISP servers have those A & CNAME records you are> talking about
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