Thank-you Andy - The arp-a spat out the mac address and hunted it down
5 minutes. Thanks again RJM

> In article <42Era.5775$>, wrote:

> > it had
> > no MAC with it. I can ping the address, so something is using it.

> > Is there anyway I can find out who and where this address is being

used ?
> >

> On a Windows PC (tested on Win2K), first ping the IP, then 'ARP

> which should give you the MAC of the system.
> From the first 6 characters of the MAC you can tell the manufacturer

> NIC as per which

> a guide as to what kind of hardware to look for
> and as per Brad, if you have a managed Switch, it could tell you

> it is on.
> you can see if that IP is logged in to any server, if you have few enough
> connections check manually otherwise use MACView from
> (way down at the

> you'll need to convert the IP to hexadecimal, so

would be
> C0A82A1A (or would be 0A0110C0) which you will see in

> network column if that user is logged in to the NetWare server being

> checked.
> Andy Konecny
> Ainsworth Inc. in Toronto
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