Andy emailed me directly and suggested I pop in on this thread. In
the past
I had a simple little cgi program that did ddns updates to bind.
Essentially whenever you opened your web browser it would go to the
first, then redirect to your home page of choice.

Unfortunatly there were issues with this and so we came up with an
alternative and simpler method:

1. Setup a account... let's call it

2. Setup anyone of a number of freeware / shareware dyndns clients to

3. Setup a CNAME in your company's dns (let's call it and
point to

This way you get the best off everything. You maintain control over
Domain Name and servers and bob gets to be



>>> Ryan Maizel<> 5/1/2003 4:31:59 PM >>>

>Is there any way to provide Dynamic DNS support to a workstation that

>ISN'T serviced by the associated DHCP server? For example, assume I

>have my cable-modem connected computer at home - which gets a dynamic

>address from the cable-Internet provider - and I'd like to have that

>workstation update an associated DNS entry in my office... Any way to

>that w/ Novell DNS?