[Sorry about the length] Uor problem is we can't get to several web
and was told in the BM group that it may be a DNS issue. I don't know
we're setup correctly. I don't even know if we need to use Netware
for DNS.
We use the BM3.5 box for internet access and mail proxy (thru a T1).

When I go to the DNS/DHCP console my server in the lower left has an X
it. When I highlight it I see zones in the right pane with 2
incorrect IP
addresses (1 public, 1 private). Both are grayed out so I can't
them. What's up? Also, when I go to open the DNS/DHCP console it
always load. In fact it may take 6-7 times over several minutes to
open it.
Finally, when I do an ipconfig /all at the local workstation, it shows
private IP of the BM server as the first DNS server than lists the
ISP's 3
DNS servers. Yet when I go into the DHCP setup option 6 only shows
ISP's servers. I got rid of the private IP yet it still shows up.
ideas? Are we setup properly?

It's a NW5.0 server with BM35EE on it. There's also a NW5.1 server in
tree. I didn't set up the NW50 server and BM. I'm also not an expert
but I
do have an OK understanding. Do we need to have this server for DNS?