I am experiencing the following problem:

I have a 2 node NW6 SP2 DHCP cluster server with N1000 Gigabit
Adapter, no
shared storage. NSS, TCP etc. post SP2 patches are applied, SP3 not.
eDirectory is 8.6.2.a.

DHCP Server Version is 3.12c dated 11/27/2002 on both nodes.

The load script is:
add secondary ipaddress
dhcpsrvr --servaddr= -d2

Unload script:
unload dhcpsrvr
del secondary ipaddress

I can migrate the resources on both nodes and they work fine.

But I receive Bad Packet errors from several old printservers in the logger screen. After a while (approximately 2 days)the logger screen states '668 messages dropped due to DHCP Server Agent log buf

After that if someone puts the resource offline and online again, DHCP

Server doesn't load succssfully any more on this node, while it still

loads on the other node.

DHCP Error message:
'Load processing from NDS and the subsequent attempt to populate
tables failed.'
In DHCP Server Log Screen it says then < Press any key to close

Should the DHCP Server not load the DHCP data from a file called
DHCPLOC.TAB, if it cannot load the configuration data from nds/

Unfortunately, this is an intermittent error.

Any help is extremely welcome !

Thanks, Knut