I have 3 NW6SP3-servers, SRV-COMM, SRV-DATA and SRV-BRDM.

The network is supposed to get connected to internet from SRV-BRDM
(still without Bordermanager at time) through a DSL-Router.
are set up on SRV-COMM.

Default Route is set up on SRV-BRDM pointing to the DSL-Router and so
time ping to the internet works by ip-address from SRV-BRDM, but not ping by name.

Question 1: What would be the way to get name resolution to work on
SRV-BRDM? Setting up Default Route on SRV-COMM? Have it point where? What else should be checked to get things working?

Question 2: Is it necessary to add isps-dns-servers to the forward
in DNSDHCP-Console?