I have a BorderManager server (S1) as well as another server (S2) on the intranet, both set up in DNSDHCP as DNS servers. The problem is that when I have DNS running on S1, and load NSLOOKUP and try to look

up the A record for an Internet host, I get the error:

www.novell.com QUERY FAILED
*** Border_mgr.mydom.com can't find www.novell.com: Non-existent

If I unload the DNS server on S1 and have resolv.cfg on S1 point to S2

DNS, then it resolves Internet domains correctly. Both DNS servers
set up the same way with the forwarding servers pointing to my ISP's caching DNS servers. Port 53 stateful is opened on the BorderManager


What am I missing about why DNS is not working on the BorderManager
server (S1)?

What is the best way to capture DNS output to the screen when running

DNS with the -v switch?