We have recently been experiencing some oddities when some clients
up. What happens is the workstation has previously had an IP
address/Gateway/DNS etc. assigned to it so it knows what IP address
Lease time it was assigned. For whatever reason Some machine, Some of

the time boot up and cannot communicate. After digging further into
problem we have noticed that an IPCONFIG reveals that they are using
IP address that they were assigned but they are missing the default
gateway. The subnet mask has reverted from (which our DHCP Server is configured to assign) to the standard Class B address mask of
The strangest thing of all is that the Lease Obtained and the Lease
Expire Dated are 1 Hour apart!!
This smells of some time of communication issue and workstation
autoconfig but if we go in and do a release/renew after the machine
finishes booting up...ALL IS FINE.

Anyone run into this problem??