Hi, We currently have our isp running dsn services for our domain ie mydomain.com , with records for www, mail etc
I run Netware DNS on a 5.1 sp5 server for our internal zone
(internal), i
now have an application that requires me to run have an internal dns record for mydomain.com

i have created a zone record on the netware box for mydomain.com and
the appropiate name record , this all works fine with the application
functioning correctly

the problem i have now is because i have an internal dsn record for
external domain i cant ping mail www etc from inside the network
externally ) how can i set up dns so only this one record for
gets resolved internally by the netware server and any other requests
as www mail etc get resolved by the isp's dns

I thought i may have to do something with secondary zones but not sure

thanks in advance