I have an organization that spans 11 sites. I want to implement DNS,
NW6, for local servers. The DNS design I am looking to implement will
a zone created for each site (ie. ny.mydomain.com, dc.mydomain.com,
The biggest sites are NY and DC. Each site has a DHCP server that
will hand
out each sites' respective domain suffix.

Should I create a DNS server at every site, create each zone as a
zone, and select the local server and NY server as the authoritative

Or do I make a single primary zone, mydomain.com, and create all other
(ny.mydomain.com, dc.mydomain.com, etc...) as secondary zones. With
that, I
will make the DNS server in NY the authoritative server for
mydomain.com and
the master for all secondary domains. All secondary domains will have
local server and the NY server as authoritative servers.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.