Hi there,
I have been using 10.3.9.xx and 10.3.11.xx subnet ip ranges for dhcp assignments. I have bound IPs from both subnets to the server's NIC.
I want to remove both subnets and use 10.3.0.xx and 10.3.1.xx ip
for the dhcp assignments. My questions are:
1. the server has IP ( 10.3.9 subnet and I am using this
timesync as it's a master server and not sure what else it's been used

for. Can I change IP to 10.3.xx.xx subnet range?
2. If I leave the existing IP: for the server and use new
for dhcp by binding new ip to the NIC, what happens to the server
connection speed with the clients as they will be on different
3. default route is and if I use new range, what should the default route be on the server?
Please advise.