I think this is a DNS issue, but I am not sure.

Problem, I folder works but only with IPaddresses, not Domain Name. I
checked on the Ifolder site, other people appear to have the system
working with Domain Name. I went to the iFolder server and checked the
INETCFG setting everything looks okay. When I ping other servers with
the Domain Name from the iFolder Server I get good pings back listed
to the IPaddress. When I ping the iFolder server from the iFolder
server by domain name, I get good pings listed from the DNS Server.
Other servers can ping the iFolder server and get the IP translation.
The work stations can translate properly. I know this seems small, but
it causes a certificate warning to my users, and they can't handle it.

Any Ideas why I can not get the iFolder server to ping itself by
Domain Name?