I cannot export one zone only for internal use created,

the export starts and freezes after the forth blue block
and stays there forever. (I have left it there over a
4 days holiday)

No Error Message shows up.

A Server restart does not help.

----------- infos -----------
Client side:
DNS-DHCP Management Console from dnsdhcp3.exe
Win2k SP2 or Win2k SP3,
c483sp1g, c483sp2g,
with IP + IPX, or IP only

Server side:
NW6sp2, 3 Servers, one with DHCPSRVR and NAMED
TCP + IPX (few boxes still run old DOS)

Loaded from [SYS:SYSTEM\]
(Address Space = OS)
DHCP Server
Version 3.11.04 11 July 2002
Loaded from [SYS:SYSTEM\]
(Address Space = OS)
Novell DNS Server
Version 5.10.06 25 June 2002
----------- infos -----------

May be, it is just one damaged entry? And if I delete
and recreate it, I get rid of all that problem...

But how to find out, which entry it is?

Any ideas?

CU, Rudi.

Rudolf Thilo
GaPo GmbH
Am Zollwasen 6
D-97353 Wiesentheid

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