Hi all,

yesterday we upgraded our DNS/DHCP server to Netware 6. Before we didthis, we switched the DNS/DHCP services to another NW51 server.

After upgrading the server we tried to switch the services back to the

original server, but DHCP doens´t work anymore. There are no messagesin the debug log and DHCP doesn´t hand out any addresses.

We can switch DHCP back to the Netware 5.1 server, and it works;
switching back to the Netware 6 server, no way.

The log file on the NW6 server is:

DHCP Server 3.0 Debug Log start time :12.6.2003 15.37.09
0 : Logged in as Server
Locator name is [DNS-DHCP.DNSDHCP.SLV]
LoadServerObj():Read DHCP Server Reference from NCP Server
DHCPSRVR Debug Screen

DHCP also causes high utilization on our NW6 server. Read TID 10079494

and added the required index, but no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

Frank Meister
SLV Duisburg
Niederlassung der GSI mbH