I have been asked to set up a DHCP on our Netware Server 5.1

Today the company use different IP subs at different locations.

Location A=
Location B=
Location C=

We are connected in a VPN

I have installed the DHCP on the server, i have also installed the
management consol on my local machine. .

I also created DHCP server throug management cosole ....


I suppose the easiest thing is to grant the same subnet for A, as it
today, correct? (this way I suppose I do not have to change any
settings on
the router or VPN)


Then I am trying to create the subnet it says "There are
characters in the field. The valid characters 0-9".

My question is, why? For example.... Has it been created before on
Netware server? Or what else can be the reason?

FYI ....

It is possible to create for example sub: the problems
occure on

thanx .....