NW51sp6, DHCPSRVR 3.12f

Server utilization is sitting at 30-40% doing nothing. Threads show
server is the culprit. This happened after a down/restart without anychanges made. Unload DHCPSRVR drops utilization and gives:
Module did not release 1 resource
Module: DHCP Server
Resource: NLM Event Registration
Description: Event Notification Call-Backs

Load DHCPSRVR gives
CSAudit initialization failure, err = 2359306
and bum,ps utilization backup up, but DHCP does not appear to be

Read the TIDs re BTRIEVE but there are no parameters on btrieve load
and cannot figure out how to use netbasic as suggested to change to
SYS:\SYSTEM\CSLIB to delete files after a server -na.

Suggestions please!!