We have a mixed Novell/Windows environment. We're using DNS/DHCP on a

Netware 6 box. Currently DNS is set up with a zone for our domain
(paratransit.net) and the root zone. I also have forwarders set up
to our ISP's two DNS servers. Problem is that our Netware DNS isn't
forwarding requests. If I do a nslookup up I always get "Can't find
name for address Timed out". Is there some trick to

Additionally, I'm not sure that our domain's zone is set up properly.
have our webserver (www.paratransit.net) hosted by a hosting agency so
resolves to an IP not associated with our network, we have several
domain names (xxx.paratransit.net) pointing to our corporate router'sexternal IP address, so I'm not sure that having our local domain's
entry in the DNS server as paratransit.net is going to work.
I've been making all my configuration changes/entries using DNS/DHCP
Management Console if that matters.
I would just not use Netware's DNS but iPrint doesn't want to work
without it. So bottom line I would like iPrint to function correctly
the Netware DNS and have all other DNS entries resolve correctly.

Any help would be appreciated, TIA,
David Churchill