I'm running nw6sp2 and DHCP v3.12c. My question refers to where in my
tree, the rootserverinfo object should be, so before I ask, I will lay
out a quick shell of my tree:


RootServerinfo object
DHCP locator object
DHCP group object

There are three partitions, which are location based. (a, b, c) Server
A contains the master of Root. Each server will be a DHCP server for
their location.

When DHCP was installed into my tree, I put the locator object and
group objects in an OU at the top level called DHCP, but the
rootserverinfo object was not put into this container (and I can't
remember why because it was so long ago).

My question is: Where should the rootserverinfo object it be located
in my tree? Can I move it or do I have to re-install DHCP?

Second question: Each server (a, b, c) will run DHCP services, can I
put all of the DHPC related objects for that server into a separate
container within the Location container, or is it best to leave it out
in the first level of the Location container?

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