When we were upgrading to a new server, we also have installed the
latest SP for 5.1 On the old server there was a DHCP server running, no
problems at all. But when we are using the DHCP server on the new server there
where some problems with the IP to the client PC's, but it's
When a user is logging in after the lease time (lease time is 7 days),
it get sometimes no IP. Then when i'm getting the commando
ipconfig/renew, on the client PC, it don't getting a ip. So i have to try it a couple
times and i get the ip.
That's strange.
We have try to run the DHCP server on a NW5.1 sp4 and on a NW6.0 SP3
server, but with the same bad results.

We only have Windows 2000 client PC's with SP3 and Novell client
4.83sp1 & 4.83sp2

Who can help?