Hi all,

I've got a situation and I'm not sure what to do next. I've got a
server that's acting as an internal DNS server for a school district.
been moving things around in order to prepare for a tree merge, and I
to move the server object, as well as all the DNS objects to a new
container. I moved the DNS leaf objects in ConsoleOne, and for the
container objects, I created a partition at the object and moved the
partition. It seems to have worked ok, as far as resolving addresses
objects within the zone, however, it doesn't seem to resolve anything
other domains.

For instance, it can resolve the internal address for ZENWSIMPORT or
NGWNAMESERVER, but when a workstation that has its DNS resolver set
only to
that one server, I can't resolve www.novell.com .

Is this just something that I missed, I seem to recall that as long as
set up a sys:etc\resolv.cfg file, the DNS server should be able to
addresses from other domains, shouldn't it? Or is there something
else that
I need to do. In a worst case scenario, what about just deleting all
DNS objects, then running DNIPINST.NLM on the server to recreate them?
am I going to have to go through all this again, once I've merged
trees? The DNS server is in the source tree, which will be "going

Thanks in advance,