I am trying to setup Novell DHCP on NW6 with SP2 install and Running Novell DNS. The DNS server seems to be working fine. The problem I am

having is that when I select "Dynamic DHCP with Automatic Hostname
Generation" in Range type and give a starting name in "Auto Hostname Starts with" , DHCP server will create revers look up entry in Revers

look database for each of the pool IP, but It will crete just one host

name ( and the host name will be the starting name that I put in "Auto

Hostname Starts with") for all the pool IP address, so when I do
nslookup for each of pool IP address they all will come back with same


Can I use DDNS with "Dynamic DHCP with Automatic Hostname Generation"

options selected? I like to setup DHCP server to make a DNS entry
when it gives out a IP address to a client and remove when lease
With "Dynamic DHCP" options selected DHCP does create a DNS entry
computer name.

I don't want to use "Dynamic DHCP" options under the Range Type,
all my workstations are name based users USERID and we don't want to pass out user's UsersID.

Does DNS Updated Options suppose to be grayed out with "Dynamic DHCP with Automatic Hostname Generation" options selected? for me its
out, but with "Dynamic DHCP" option selected its not grayed out.

Please help.