I installed a second server in the network with minimal configuration
mean don´t install anything about web server.

I installed and configured the DNS and DHCP and at the console both of

them work fine, but when I try to ping to mail.muebleriagonzalez.com instead of the ping respond that the host does not

Here is the named console status:

Logged in as Server
Locator name is [DNS-DHCP.msgzz]
Zov: Server obj name read from NCP srvr obj is DNS_NETMAIL.msgzz
DNS Server Init complete. Ready to recv data on Port 53
Cache Add Zone: Loaded zone mail.muebleriagonzalez.com with serial no


Cache Add Zone: Loaded zone with serial no


Cache Add Zone: Zone has 3 records
with 1 domain name.

One thing; when I try to ping I made it with a back-to-back cable,
because we have a mail server with some one in some where if I ping to

mail.muebleriagonzalez.com responds the other server and not I just

Thanks for your help