I must be missing something here, because I can't get this to work for
reason. We are configuring DHCP in five offices (all one tree). We
have a
hardware VPN, and the offices subnets are as follows: Main office
10.10.10.x/23, remote office 1 10.10.12.x/24, remote 2 10.10.13.x/24,
3 192.168.110.x/24, remote 4 192.168.111.x/24. I've created dhcp
for each office, and created the subnets. Each subnet object is
with the mask specified above.

Then I go into other DHCP options and hit modify, for each subnet.
trying to specify a few settings for the client. I can add all
services no
problem except for one: subnet mask. For the main office, I specify
a mask
of /23 since that's the real mask. But the management console won't
this. The error is "Mask range must be larger than the mask range
in the subnet." For the subnet 10.10.10.x/23, it will accept a /22,
etc, but it will not accept /23. 10.10.12.x/24 (and all the other /24

subnets), it will accept /23, /22, etc. In order for it to give out
right subnet, we have to "fudge" our subnets. We changed the subnet
10.10.10.x/23 to a /24, in order to be able to specify that it give
out /23.
Similarly, we would have to change our /24 subnets to /25 to give out
So either we're doing something wrong (we're missing something), or
something screwy is going on. I assume that we're missing something.
that field for something else?