- I have on my DNS configuration some entrys with @
- can the entrys by deleted wit the @ included?
- muss I creat the reverse lookup zone first?
- I have some troubles with the Zonenames Exp:

+NDS Treename: swissinc
+Servername: swissinc020
+First OU: support

All PC's with Windows 2000 have on the tcpip entrys the domainsuffix:

swissinc and on the workplace/manage/network/suffix: swissinc

All PC's on my customers ar same construct: (workgroup{Without m$
or domain{with m$ servers}. The name was then allways: swissinc

On the novell DNS I opened the a DNS server and DNS Zone with name
I opened then also the revers lookupzone.

The I make entry from the host while the DDNS not work on the Novell

I start then on server the named.nlm -v

- What can I make bether?
- What ar the game entry W2k DNS suffixes and the Novell zones?

Kind regards
S. Kromer SE