Wanted to add an HP-Jetdirect170x-Printserver into our small network.
IP-address was supposed to be, which I set up manual with
the MAC-address in the DHCP-management-console.

Printing did not work, ping to worked, but the internal
web-server of the print-server still did not show up. So I finally
printed a status from the Printserver. This listed hostname,
IP-address, subnet-mask all as set up and wanted. But it also showed
TCP/IP-Status with 40/ARP DUPLICATE IP ADDRESS 00c002185521.

The IP-Address in the management-console is bound to the
specific mac-address of the print-server. Looking in the debug-screen
of dhcpsrvr clearly shows the process of binding the address.

My question is, how and where to check, what this duplicate-ip-address
might result from and how to solve the problem. DSREPAIR did not help.