NW6 SP3 (Dell 1650 Server)

We replaced a server that was running DHCP for three segments. The
server (NW6 SP2) was working fine assigning address to all of the
The new server has the same IP address as the old server. DHCP is
fine for the segment that the server is in. It does not work for the
two segments. I have verified that the core switch (3com 4900) is
configured correctly to forward the bootp requests.

I could not get DHCP to work correctly on (Dell 1650 server). So I
it and installed DHCP on another server (Dell 2500 server nw6 sp3) and

everything is working fine.

I would like to move the DCHP back to the dell 1650 server but I do
not know
what to look for to correct the problem.

Thanks in advance.