Anyone have any suggestions on this one?

This is happening on all XP computers at several locations.
ok... XP computers w/client 4.83. DHCP server is NW6 SP2. I can do
an IPCONFIG and the computer has a valid lease. I can then ping
anywhere in the world by using ip address or domain name. No
problems. When I open IE, the page gives a timeout.

I can then go to CMD, do an IPCONFIG /RENEW; it gets the same ip
address...everthing looks the same. At this point, IE problems seem
to go away. Web sites work fine..

Other info: Several Schools same problem, Mainly Cisco switches in
MDF/IDF, PIX at Operation Center, multiple subnets at each school.
was setup before I got here and I've only been here 2 weeks...
Currently, they turn on the computer, goto CMD and renew...then all is


Any clues???

The teachers don't want to renew every morning. :)