nxrecors for folkuniversitetet.se and fu-v.com
Should I install an older patch?
I have a DNS (named) on nw6 sp3 - fuggns1.fu-v.com, primary for this 2


We have had a problem delivering mail to several mailservers for a
month now
and the answer is "domain does'n exist" and now at last Volvo IT
to look into it (dig) and help us and they said that ouer DNS server
with a "Name Error" response code (NXDOMAIN, RCODE 3) instead of "No
(RCODE 0) when queried for a nonexistent AAAA record.
and referred to this:
and in that pointer there is a line:
Workarounds: for NetWare 5.x 6.x beta DNS/DHCP update

more they give a link about denial-of-service connected to this issue.


But my question is: the patch i got from novell is older than the one
I have
my: named.nlm 2003 feb 12 ver 5.10.09
dnipinst.nlm 2003 jan 31 ver1.10
patch: named.nlm 2002 sep 4 5.10g
dnipinst.nlm 2002 sep 4 ver1.10
Should I install the patch?

Anders Bjorkman
Folkuniversitetet Göteborg Sweden