I have two DHCP servers. When I change the assignment of a subnet to
the another server, the clients from the WAN don't get an address

This is the info from the DHCPserver screen:
2003/08/20 14:32:57 Incoming client <0:B:CD:AB:2D:91> on subnet
<> will not be serviced since this server is not
configured to give out addresses for this subnet.

1586: Get type:4, IPAddr:, LeaseTime:0, MacIndx:45,
AMAGet() exit type=4, err=2, addr=
2003/08/20 14:33:12 <DHCPDISCOVER> packet received from client

The client is on subnet behind a Cisco router.
The Cisco forwards all DHCPrequest to (DHCPserver A)
I want to move DHCP to another server, so I created DHCPserver B on

This works fine for clients on the segment
But not for all other segments (across the WAN)

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