How do I edit separate ttl-records?
How can I be shure that my secondary providers have accepted my
zonetransfers (completly)? (transfer from nw/named to whatever a
provider might have)

I have a dns (named) on nw6 sp3 (
primary for:
Utfors (nearly biggest provider in sweden) is secondary
secondary server
they have 5 resolvers dns1. ns. ns2. ns3.
And all didn't answer as my primary.

I've ben trying to solv my mail/dns problems for 2 weeks now
After lots of trying and ns lookups our ISP ( answerd us:
"But You have different ttl's for the NS records, no wonder" And they

called for a new zonetransfer from my primay and mailed it to me.
Yes, recors i din't recond importent before (because I cant se them in

the dhcp management console)

So I found a way. I exported the zones (to my own computer) and found

the records they ment, edited them, imported back, And after 6 hours I

could se utfors servers come right and other servers in other
topdomains we had mailproblems with. (but it must be another
for this?)

The wrong answer from the faulty servers was that they answered about

all (soa, mx, a-record) but not ns and they was updated with the
serial number. I talked to volvo IT and they said it could be
in bind9.

Anders Björkman
Göteborg Sweden