Hi folks,

I just updated several servers to Netware 6.5 - mostly just testing
to deploying 6.5 for real. I have 2 servers (in 2 different "test"
running the new (and looks to be quite different) NAMED.NLM. One
works just fine. The other one abends every time named is loaded.
abend log seems to inticate the abend occurs in libc.

It doesn't matter if the abending server's DNS Server has any zones
assigned to it or not. Both servers were brand new installs (not
upgrades). Both servers have identical hardware. I even swapped the

hard drives between the two machines to eliminate the possibility of a

hardware issue. Problem follows the hard drive (i.e. software).

The only difference I can see between the two servers is in the
architecture of the eDirectory trees they live in:

In the one that works, the server lives in tree "A" in an OU
(organizational unit) while the locator object and zone files live one

level up in an O container.
(i.e. Server is in OU=MyDepartment.O=MyCompany.T=MyCompany - DNS
and zone objects are in O=MyCompany.T=MyCompany)

It the one that abends, the tree (named Demo) contains only an O
container and everything lives there.

I also did an upgrade (from 6.0 SP3 to 6.5) on a third server in a
tree who's layout is the same as the DEMO tree above, and that
named causes an abend when you load it in exactly the same way.

I did the "rip everything out" and run DNIPINST -F procedures, on each

server which didn't help.

The "good" news is that back revving named on the broken 6.5 servers
the latest named.nlm for 6.0 works fine using the objects created
the 6.5 install and administering DNS with the 6.5 dns/dhcp management

console (or iMonitor).

Anyone else experienced this behavior?


Tim Pearson
Midwestern Telephone, Inc.