Supposed my computer is a client in a network. It's running WinXP Pro.

1. Can a DHCP server refuse giving IP to certain computers (that it
doesn't like for whatever reasons)?

2. Is it possible that a computer need to know the exact address of
DHCP server to be assigned an IP address, because the DHCP server
wouldn't respond to random requests from computers (that don't know

3. I have a really strange case (well, to me it's strange) where my
computer is a client in a Novell network. My system is WinXP Pro. To
in to that network, computers must use IP range 10.2.x.y (there might
other acceptable ranges of IPs but I don't know because I'm not an IT

staff in that network).
At first if I chose "Obtain an IP address automatically" in TCP/IP
Properties, it always got an IP outside the range 10.2.x.y, I can't
remember the IP address but it's outside that range. I have to specify
static IP address.
But later on an IT staff came and set up my computer and I wasn't
while he's doing his work so I don't know what he did. But then my
computer always got IP even though TCP/IP Properties
said "Obtain an IP address automatically".
Recently I installed Client for Microsoft Network (it was removed
and IPX/SPX protocol and the IP became after reboot
didn't come back to after I uninstalled those 2 new

Do you have any idea of what IT did to my computer? (They refused to

Thank you for your answers.