We have Netware6 sp3 with ZFD4sp1b server that also runs DNS/DHCP and
PXE. I just happen to notice that when our Dell240 (with 3com
3c905c-txm intergated card running WinXPsp1 Novell client 4.83sp2 with
ZenAgent4sp1) reboot, they will unexpectedly change there IP
addresses. I know the lease is not up because we lease for 120 days
and the PC has just renewed its lease that morning. What i think is
causing the change is that when the PC reboots. PXE will sometimes
grab a different IP address than what Windows previously had leased. I
have verified this checking the IP address before reboot, i even
release and renew the IP address and it recieved the same IP. However
when i reboot the PC, during the PXE it will grab a new/different IP
address then what windows had previously. When i logon and run
ipconfig. Low and behold Windows has changed IPs to what PXE had
recieved. I run ipconfig /release and renew and it still holds the
same ip that PXE had recieved. I look at the server console and i have
a message :

"8-29-2003 8:48:50 am: DHCPSRVR-3.12-0
Received an unexpected Decline packet identifying address or
the address failed a Ping test."

This is the previous IP address for the workstation. No other device
has this ip address when ping it. I check DNS/DHCP management console
and the previous IP address is listed as Unauthorized. And a few hours
later it is no longer listed at all.

This also happens when i reimage PC's but not all the time. Which
makes it hard to pin down the issue to WindowsXP or to Netware. I
check iManage and Ping Enable is turned OFF. Could there be an issue
between PXE and DHCP not handing out the same IP address to the same
workstation??? I have have plenty of IP addresses not being used.

I do not notice this problem with Win2000 or Win98SE.