Running netware 6.0 sp3. We are getting a duplicate address messagesespecially on our Wireless access points. (we have 4 different types
access points and all are getting the message.) I have also noted
my Dhcp server and some others are also getting duplicate address
messages. These are saying a duplicate error exists on xx xx..xx macaddress which is the mac address of the server giving the message. n
servers all have static addresses outside of the range of addresses
are being given out. We have a b class internal network and the
addresses are given out at xx.xx.50 upwards. The servers are lower
that and are not handled by DHCP and there numbers are not in the

I moved the DHCP server this summer (it is a school system) and we
didn't seem to have any problems and had many new machines assigned
the summer. But now school has started and the wireless access points

are being used and we are having problems.