I have done some researching at the Microsoft site and have found this

about how the MS Win2000 DHCP server has option tags to set
DHCPRELEASE on the dhcp client to on or off. I could not find the
option tag in the DNS/DHCP Management Console to set this parameter.
Is this same option available on a Netware 6 sp3 DHCP Server?

The Microsoft documentation also seems to confirm what Hodges said in
a previous post that i have pasted below. About not sending a
DHCPRELEASE on shutdown. It maybe different for WinXP.

May main question is that has anyone written code or know how this
option can be given to a Netware 6 sp3 DHCP Server?


>>>>D. SKye Hodges<S@sorry.no.email.com>

"What you seem to be missing is that when a machine shuts down, it
typically releases its IP lease" I do not agree with this statement.
Unless you alter the registry to FORCE a machine to release it's IP
address, it keeps it. And this is in keeping with the RFC, which
basically says that a machine can keep an address for as long as the
lease is valid. When the machine boots, it just sends out a RENEW
packet to start the lease all over again. But TYPICALLY, a machine
does NOT release it's IP lease.

Depending on the settings of the DHCP Server (in the management
console, click on the DHCP server), one of the tabs has the options
for ping ahead, etc.. Part of those settings are for: Allow duplicate
MACs, Allow new lease, delete the old, or do not allow duplicates. If
the PXE is in fact getting a lease based upon the MAC address, since
it is NOT doing a RENEW (but a DHCPDISCOVER), it can get any address
the server hands out. Whereas the workstation does a DHCPRENEW. If
the server now has the address it gave the PXE, then the RENEW will
fail and the server will OFFER the address that it currently has
leased to that MAC address (there may be another DHCPDISCOVER here, I
would have to see a trace to be certain).

Finally in the case of "Swami", he MAY have allow duplicates (do NOT
delete the old assignment), this would allow machines multiple
addresses with the same MAC address (distinguished by the client
field). I recommend that you check your DHCPServer settings.

and Mike, I have no thoughts for you other than either, live with it,
OR ENABLE duplicates, do NOT delete the old assignment, but then you
will have the same problem that Swami is having, using twice as many
addresses as machines.

>>> Brad Doster<bd@NSCSysOps.net> 2003-09-02 20:05:59 >>>

In article <hZ45b.17055$586.5793@prv-forum2.provo.novell.com>, Mike
Garcia wrote:
> Iis there a flaw in my logic??

Your logic is fine, though you rival me in typing skills <g>. What
seem to be missing is that when a machine shuts down, it typically
releases its IP lease, at which point DHCPSRVR destroys the record
connecting the IP and MAC addresses. Make sense?

NSC Volunteer SysOp