Hi folks,

I've got a weird one that just cropped up today. We're running
BorderManager on a server that is also our router for the WAN. NAMED is running
on a different server behind the BM firewall. We've got two different webservers internally at the following DNS names that we've defined: deltek.cdsblueash.com cdsnet.cdsblueash.com

Until late this morning, if you type in the address
"cdsnet.cdsblueash.com"into a browser window, our intranet site would show up. Same thing
with the deltek webserver. Now, though, our browsers have been showing
"504 - Gateway timeout" errors.

I've checked the setting for our DHCP server, and it shows our router
at the IP address for BM server and our DNS server at the IP address of
the server running NAMED.

At the server running NAMED, if I PING "cdsnet.cdsblueash.com" or "deltek.cdsblueash.com" I get the correct IP address for the
webserver. If I PING the same names from the BM router server, I get external IP
addresses displayed.

Does anyone have an idea why this isn't working any longer, and how I
might go about fixing it? Thanks in advance!

Bill Valaski
Section Manager - Computer Operations

CDS Associates, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH USA