yes, it IS a bug with the NAMED from SP3 for NW6. If backrev'ing is
acceptable with you, we won't complain. (but simply letting you know
about the workaround with the new NAMED version--that fixes other issues).

>>> <> 2003-09-17 08:34:53 >>>

> AND, your DNS entries are Cached at the REMOTE domains. You will =have

to =
> wait until their cache of your domain record expires. (ie, it will

> probably work later today)

> Did you unload and reload NAMED after making your changes?
> Have you confirmed that the 'aaaa' requests are indeed the problem?>
> bd
> NSC Volunteer SysOp

I have reloaded NAMED and wait for changes propagation... but
positive results. Finally, I used previous NAMED version, this one
SupportPack 2 for NetWare 6 and everything works fine. Even without AA
record. May be it is a bug in NAMED from SP3 for NW6....? But the
important - the problem is resolved.