hi all,
please ignore my ignorance! I have taken on a network that uses SAR's

only. The subnet is, for instance with a 23 bit mask and
contains two SAR's, - and -
SAR is serviced by a seperate DHCP server (for resilience). The idea
that if one server goes down or the floor's route to the network core

changes the alternative server takes over DHCP and the pc's get the
alternative address (i.e. one SAR is a resilient pair for the other).

Leases are kept suitably short. DHCP servers are on seperate VLAN's.
Problem is that I now have floors with more than 200 PC's. It looks
I can use a subnet pool to include both SAR's but my confusion lies
which of the two servers releases the addresses of the subnet pool?
either server release addresses for both SAR's if they are in the same

subnet pool?

good one or what?