I finally figured out how to set up a reverse lookup for a subnet.
Below is my zone file which I imported into the dnsdhcp managerment tool.
By modifying the IP's you should be able to use it to jumpstart your own.
Brief explanation: Novell's dnsdhcp management tools will not let you
create a reverse in-addr.arpa zone for a subnet. However since it is
BIND compliant, you can create a standard BIND zone file and import it with
the dnsdhcp management tool. You should spend a few minutes to play with
importing and exporting zones. It is a great way to backup your dns,
and/or move it to another system (such as windows or linux). Also, it
is much easier to when you change ip addresses as a result of moving to a
new ISP, to export your zone, delete it from the dnsdhcp managment tool,
edit the zone file and just find & replace your old addresses for new, then
reimport it.

One last thing I wanted to do was to move all my dns & dhcp stuff to a
new novell NDS container. By exporting and importing the zones, it was
easy to do that.

I hope this saves somebody a whole bunch of time and frustration.
;next line should be first in file named
@ IN SOA dsl.netfixers.com. admin@netfixers.com. (
2003090142 ; Serial
3600 ; Refresh
3600 ; Retry
604800 ; Expire
86400 ) ; Minimum

$ORIGIN 83.118.209.IN-ADDR.ARPA.
8-29 IN NS dsl.netfixers.com.
IN NS zen.netfixers.com.

;put all your ptr records here, but you can add ptr records with the
gui once you've imported the zone.
210 IN PTR dsl.netfixers.com.
211 IN PTR zen.netfixers.com.