I have configure the only one Server NW5.1sp4 with DNS on Server
PEARLSYS020 with Zonename: PEARLSYS and Forwarding to provider DNS. On

Workstation I have set the DNS Suffix to PEARLSYS and on
Workstationnetworkinformation I have set also the DNS Suffix to
On The Workstation W2K I have set only the DNS IP Number to my
DNS Server that was on PEARLSYS020 and IP Tho Most of time
works fine but after starting the workstation the DNS name was not
properly. Some time it find not the DNS Server, but that was configure
the DNS Register on Netzworksettings. NOW, I have add the DNS Servers
IP PEARLSYS020 on HOSTS file. :-( Now it works bether and the
3012 on Pervasive 2000 sp4 are not coming jet.

But that was not the solution. Has someone the 2 printscreen from de Sufixes and DNS registers?

What can I do?

Kind Regards
S. Kromer