We have a Novell 5.1 service pack 5 running DNS for local names and
forwarders for external resolution. There is one site that is
intermittently resolved correctly.
If we do an nslookup when the site is not working our local dns server

will not return the name or ip address. When it is working nslookup
returns the name of the site and ip address. A debug of the nslookup
me Question for the site is some.domain.com.some.domain when it does
work. When working our dns server responds with some.domain.com.

We have contacted the webhost and dns host for the site. They both
seem to
think it is a problem with our local DNS. I have done a DSrepair on or

tree. The problem cannot be recreated at will it just decides to work
not work on its own.

We also have a firewall blockin most everything except for dns
All other websites work we have not found any other site that does not


Our local dns zone is the same domain as our actual domain. I think
may be problematic but should only be a problem when resolving names externally with the same name correct?

If anyone has any ideas please contact me by email.

Thank you