Facts: NW6.0, sp3. DHCP 1.0.7 DHCPSRVR 3.12.06

As posted earlier, we are assigning addresses for two SARs
(192.168.5.x-200 and 192.168.6.x-200) from one server. The two SARs
comprise a pool.

The server has two IP addresses bound to the same NIC (a new Intel
Pro/100S), and [When running "config" at the

server console, only one of the IPs is displayed. Is this normal?]

Problem: The 5.x SAR has stopped handing out addresses. All
workstations, even those with manual assignments on the 5.x subnet,
grabbing addresses from the 6.x SAR. Checking the DHCP Options tab
the 6.x subnet, I found corruptions in the DA and SCOPE settings. The

problems were corrected and dsrepair run. The server holds the Master

of root, where all DNS/DHCP object are. Still the 5.x subnet is not
assigning IPs.

I've read the thread by Vernon on 9/23/03 re: 100% utilization, and,
fact, saw 100% utilization briefly this morning, but it quickly

(As an aside, this problem causes another problem wherein Windows
machines that are grabbing an IP from the 6.x subnet are unable to do
Windows drive mapping to a Windows server on the 5.x subnet.)

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.